The purpose of the newly defined UUCM Committee on Shared  Ministry (COSM) is to strengthen the quality of the shared and mutual ministry within the Community.

On behalf of and in light of the Community’s mission, the Committee on Shared Ministry will systematically assess, report on, and make recommendations regarding the effectiveness of the Community’s entire ministry, in all of its inter-related facets. The scope of the COSM’s evaluative effort includes the work of the minister and staff, as well as the many lay-led ministries – in fact, everything the Community does to live out its mission.

The COSM’s sole authority is that of recommendation.

The COSM consists of 3 members of the congregation who are nominated by the UUCM Minister and appointed by the UUCM Board of Trustees.  Members serve staggered three-year terms.

Please contact COSM chair Janet Dunstan ( for more information .