Honoring our UU values, we are prioritizing the health and well being of all, especially the most vulnerable among us.
Until further notice:

UUCM’s Sunday services will now be held entirely online (or by phone). There will be no in-person gatherings.

Members and pledging Friends will receive information weekly via email.

All others, welcome! We hope you will join us. Please contact uucmOnline@uugrassvalley.org for the link.

Children will have their own Zoom option on Sundays. Families, please contact FamilyMinistry@uugrassvalley.org.

Don’t have a computer? You can call in by phone to hear the audio.

We encourage all who would like to participate in services or meetings to try a test Zoom meeting HERE. It will get you softwared, and test your camera, your speakers and your microphone.

May you and yours be well.

As Rev. Lynn Ungar invites, let us consider this “the most sacred of times,” letting go fo the ordinary concerns, “centering down,” searching our hearts and our living to help us realize what matters most.

With care,
Rev. Kevin Tarsa