The UU Fellowship in Chico

At a recent gathering of area Unitarian Universalist ministers, Rev. Bryan Plude, the minister of the UU Fellowship in Chico, explained  that several UUFC households lost homes in Paradise and that another family lost all the infrastructure for their farm and livelihood (barns, fencing, etc).

Of those UUFC families, there are two, he said, who have a tough road ahead and could really benefit from financial assistance. He said that donations to UUFC’s fire relief fund can make a very real and helpful difference for them.

To send a check to UUFC, write “Camp Fire” in the memo line and send it to

     UU Fellowship in Chico, 1289 Filbert Avenue, Chico, CA 95926

Knowing there are many possibilities and needful recipients, we encourage you to donate here because the direct connection to our faith tradition allows us to focus our shared response, increasing the chance to have a direct and meaningful impact for these two families.