There isn’t actually a specific “Men’s Group”, but UU men meet informally in various combinations.  These groups are warm, comradely, welcoming, gatherings of UU men.  We talk about topics such as life experiences, world events, art, science, religion or the lack of it.  It is a group that is totally nonjudgmental and thoroughly stimulating and interesting.  We have no leaders and no agenda.  Groups meet every Wednesday at 8:30am at UUCM and also every Thursday at 8:30am at What’s Up Coffee in Grass Valley.  All men are welcome.

A Men’s Group email list has been established as a way for men to share ideas of common interest, usually as an extension of the morning discussions.  The list is also a way to pass the word when there is an additional Men’s Group event, like an informal dinner.   To subscribe to the Men’s Group email list, just send an email message to and include “add me to mensgroup” in the subject line.  Within a few days you will receive a confirmation that you have been added by the administrator.

If you have questions about Men’s Group activities, our UUCM Minister can put you in touch with one of our active Men’s Group participants who will be happy to talk with you.

Men’s Book Discussion Group

A group of men meet to discuss books at 10:30am on 1st and 3rd Thursdays at What’s Up Coffee.  These meetings follow the regular Men’s Group meetings that start at 8:30am every Thursday.  Contact Mel Berry at or 530-559-0904 for more information.