Our congregation in reflecting the values of our community have for many years dedicated themselves to Environmental Justice issues in various ways. One of the most prominent is that we are a UUA certified Green Sanctuary and are now seeking to renew that pledge. We have consistently sponsored speakers and films here that reflect the most current information on climate change, recycling efforts, and water protection including an important power point presentation by one of our members who was personally trained by Al Gore connected to his work The Inconvenient Truth.

Concerns about Environmental Justice in our survey were a very strong second to Economic Justice. You used words like climate change being an overarching issue that eclipses everything. Water rights and protecting nature were specifically mentioned as well as combating the effects of climate change. It was noted that the effects of climate change will be disastrous and a “. . . devastating effect on those with limited resources . . . “ which clearly connects your two top issues together.


Environmental Justice Coalition for Water/Safe Water Alliance

Sierra Streams Institute

South Yuba River Citizens League

Unitarian Universalist Justice Mission of California

Action Issues

Service As directed by our partners, help keep Deer Creek and Wolf Creek clean. Update and maintain UUCM’s Green Sanctuary certification through the revised program.

Education Use Naomi Klein’s book This Changes Everything as a common read. Utilize resources from 350.org and other organizations in our religious education components along with UUMFE materials for faith-grounding. Invite speakers from communities that are impacted by climate change to engage our congregation. Learn about the science of wetland preservation from Sierra Streams Institute. Sponsor a youth to attend a UU College of Social Justice field training project. Host community forums with our partners. Work with the worship team to hold one or two services per year on environmental justice issues.

Advocacy Support SYRCL’s campaign to save the salmon. Advocate for water affordability, which ties with economic justice, as part of the Environmental Justice Coalition for Water. Along with UUJM, engage with the UUA’s Commit2Respond team to combat climate change.

Witness Public witness events will be coordinated with our partners on an on-going basis.

Organizing With no congregationally-based community organizing agency in our area, we will work with our partners and organize on specific issues as they arise.