You are welcome to drop in to the UUCM Drop-in Support Circle after the 9:30 service on Sundays.  We are available each Sunday after the service for about 30 minutes, on a drop-in basis.  We are not a therapy group, but a low-key, confidential, sharing opportunity for people needing a little extra support.  Our circles are facilitated by congregational members; sharing is confidential; people are free to pass.  Facilitators are church member volunteers: Tom Wernigg, Corrie Silva, Penelope Williams and Janet Bullock.  Please contact Janet with any questions (

Please note our slight location change:

The Drop-in Support Circle has moved from our usual location in the church library to the little room in the back of the library called the “library annex”.   This will free up  space for people to access the library between services, which has not been possible due to the Circle meeting there. So come on in to the Circle in its new location, either through the library or the bathroom hallway.