Eldra Jackson III, an AVP facilitator and a facilitator in the group filmed, and  Joyve Banzhaf will present the movie, a documentary filmed inside Folsom State Prison during a 4-day Inside Circle Workshop. The Workshops were established by lifers in the prison tired of seeing the cycle of violence and death that engulfed and surrounded them. Some outside participants from the Man Kind Project, come in each day to participate as well.

You see very authentic conversations by men who want to get past old grief and anger, and some not even knowing they need to, break through to deeper understanding and self acceptance. It is a very heart opening and inspiring film. If you have any doubt that many prisoners are deeply spiritual or if you might be interested in doing volunteer prison work this is a must see.

As Joyce notes:

A huge chunk of our tax dollars go to a system of incarceration known to be ineffective, while models that are much cheaper are being demonstrated in countries around the world. Many U.S. prisons do not conform to international law, even some children’s facilities. Most of the true rehabilitative work that goes on in our prisons is done by volunteers. Prison is a topic many people do not think much about. Yet it drains our financial resources, debilitates our emotional health, and devastates some communities. Even if you can’t change the whole system right now, “It is better to light one little candle than to curse the darkness.”

See the Trailer HERE.