Temperament Theory for You, Yours, and Us, Part 1
This is a repeat of the previous two workshops for those who weren’t able to attend or for those who want a refresher before the Part II class, which will be on March 2. Part 2 will be limited to those who have taken part 1.
Spend an afternoon learning more about yourself, your spouse, your children or even the folks you work and worship
with at UUCM. Using the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator and the Kiersey Temperament Sorter, join Rev. Karyn Packard for an insightful time of self-discovery.
You’ll complete your inventory online prior to the discovery session (information will be sent to each registrant). Each participant registered will receive a packet of descriptive materials related to their unique temperament type. The session will include learning about the theories and putting them into practice, with fun exercises that help us to better understand both ourselves and others.
Karyn has been licensed on these inventories for many years and has provided these sessions for church boards, couples planning on marriage, physicians, nurses, pharmacists, and in HR related team building.
Contact Rev. Karyn Packard (karyn@seagoer.net ) or call 562-900-9546 to enroll.
Register early and receive your inventory for completion.
Maximum 25 people.