After soup on the second Sunday of each month we invite an hour of shared spiritual practice from 1:30-2:30. Over time we’ll sample practices that focus our attention and intention, that call us to be present and undivided. Practices like meditation, drumming, altered-book poetry, dancing, Lectio Divina, body prayers, mandala making, heart fluency, listening to music, labyrinth walking, a prayer bead practice…

This month, wise and heart-centered Tom Wilson will share one of the concrete spiritual practices he draws upon in his life and living.

While manifested via a physical action, Tom writes of the practice he will share:

This practice is based on a conviction that the universe is intelligent and continually unfolds in response to the collective energies of all beings and nature. How I relate to it is by assuming the role of The Watcher on the Hill who lets go of mental constructs of interpretation, and instead allows for a felt sense of life unfolding and my participation in it.

This practice assumes that we are hard-wired in our beings for this participation. [We are] dialed in at the deepest levels of the unfolding of existence through a felt sense of synchronicities and epiphanies. The felt sense is a radical shift from Descartes’ injunction that “I think, therefore I am.” Rather than Descartes primacy of the mind, the felt sense speaks to the intelligence of the body-as-consciousness.