After soup or salad on the second Sunday of each month we invite an hour of shared spiritual practice from 1:30-2:30. Over time we sample practices that focus our attention and intention, that call us to be present and undivided, practices like meditation, drumming, altered-book poetry, dancing, Lectio Divina, body prayers, mandala making, heart fluency, listening to music, labyrinth walking, a prayer bead practice…

This month, Rev. Kevin invites an unusually close look at the world nearby.

In Outside Lies Magic, John R. Stilgoe invites our awareness of ordinary surroundings, “awareness that builds into mindfulness, into the enduring pleasures of noticing and thinking about what one notices.” Stilgoe encourages us to widen our angle of vision, to step sideways and look at something seemingly familiar, to walk a few paces and see something utterly new.

In this session, we will go outside for a time (not far, from just outside the door to maximum of a half-block, your choice), tune in our available senses, open ourselves to the possibility of seeing, hearing or feeling something utterly new, take time to capture our thoughts and experience, and then share our perceptions with each other.