Got a sermon in you? A message to offer?
In the new year, Rev. Kevin will again lead a 10-session sermon seminar for a circle of 6-8 people. The experience was rich and deep last year and led to some wonderful services!
Using The Shared Pulpit , a book and a process developed by the Rev. Erika Hewitt, each person will gradually
develop a complete sermon, with support, feedback, and encouragement from the rest of the circle. Then, willing
members will work with Worship Team members and our Music Director to develop a service around the sermon and its theme.
This will be a significant and meaningful commitment, as the group will meet every two weeks for three hours from January 24 through May. The experience will function as both a space of learning and self-discovery as well as a small-group ministry, building deep connections en-route to deep expression in one’s authentic voice. Our hope is that these sermons/services will then be offered on Sunday mornings over the summer and early fall, and so benefit the Community as well. Sessions are scheduled from 1:00-4:00 PM on Thursdays, adjusted as needed with the members of the group.
Note: Sign-up in advance is required.
If this message-crafting possibility calls to you for the new year and you are interested in being part of this experience, or if have questions, contact Rev. Kevin: