The UUCM Forum is moderated by both users and Designated Moderators, following specific guidelines:


  • Writers are expected to self-moderate before posting to ensure that their posts are civil, respectful, constructive, kind, and accurate; give others the benefit of the doubt; and follow our UUCM Covenant.
  • Readers are expected to kindly and constructively, ON THE FORUM, question posts that appear to them uncivil in tone, to contain innuendo, or to contain possible errors.
  • Writers and Readers may contact Designated Moderators to discuss or to report a post.

Designated Moderators

  • A Moderator Team of 3 members will be rotated in staggered terms.
  • Designated Moderators, in consultation with each other as appropriate, will use both their good judgement and the same guidelines as users to respond to questionable or reported posts by choosing among these options below, choosing the approach(s) that best fit(s) the situation:
    • Discuss the post with the author and/or person reporting the post, to better understand the author’s and reporter’s intentions and concerns
    • Make an independent judgement about whether the post or comment meets Forum Guidelines and communicate this to the writer and/or reporter
    • Suggest that the author re-word the post to meet author’s intentions and Forum Guidelines
    • Post a general Guideline reminder on the Forum
    • Make a post-specific comment on the Forum of non-alignment with our Guidelines
    • Remove the post
    • In consultation with the minister, remove from the Forum a user who repeatedly or egregiously violates the User Agreement. Reinstatement after suspension may be accomplished as follows:
      • The length of suspension to be determined at time of suspension.
      • If the member wishes to be reinstated, she/he would submit a written request for reinstatement to the Moderator Team.
      • Moderator Team will respond to the member within one week.
      • After consultation with the minister and the Board of Trustees president, the Moderator Team and/or minister will meet with the suspended member to discuss their request. A decision may be made at that time, or within one week of that meeting.  The Moderator Team will recommend action to the minister and BOT president.  If the member is to be reinstated, there needs to be basic agreement regarding Forum usage, based on our “User Agreement”.
      • The member will be reinstated or suspension will be continued.
    • Designated Moderators will respond to reported posts on a timely basis, ideally within a day.
    • The Moderator Team will re-evaluate the Forum in 6 months, insure that content links are current, and recommend changes as needed.
    • Thereafter, the Moderation Team will re-evaluate the Forum as needed.

In addition, the following guidelines govern use of the Forum: