What does it mean to be a people of integrity? 

Our journey through the theme of integrity this month calls us to look deeply into the center of who we are – as persons, as a religious community, and as a society. As our Soul Matters authors point out, integrity isn’t always about adding, being better, or being more. It is at least as much about removing whatever hides our inherent wholeness from our awareness. Let us move into this new year with the centered thoughtfulness and focus that will see us through. 

Beth Karow, January Worship Associate. 

Weekly Synopses 

January 5  Listening for Our Song   Rev. Kevin Tarsa 

David Blanchard writes of a people who believe that we are each created and welcomed into the world with our own song. Few of us know our song, he adds. At this turning of the year we begin our journey with integrity by looking within ourselves, remembering, as best we can, who we are at heart. Once again, we’ll invite you to choose a focus word for the year, a journey partner as you listen for your song.  

January 12  Connected Beyond Belief – Rev. Kevin Tarsa 

Creating and sustaining community is a spiritual, religious, emotional, psychological and physiological journey – the work of head and heart and, to a degree that may surprise you, the body. The covenantal nature of our UU tradition is not merely a historical idea or a conceptual ideal, it is profoundly and continually rooted in what it means to be human. This week, our focus turns to the integrity of this gathered community.  

January 19  Breaking Open – Lindsay Dunckel, Rev. Kevin, and all.  

This Martin Luther King Jr. weekend we’ll listen to his call, and in our interactive full-community service we’ll listen for the inner voice that connects us to our integrity. 

January 26 Let’s Be Real Beth Karow, Worship Associate, with UUCM Members and Friends 

In this Tapestry service, we turn once again to the wealth of our UU community to find stories, songs, poetry, and reflections rooted in and branching out from our personal experiences of integrity.