When our Men’s Circle of Trust explored the theme of integrity in January, members wondered aloud together how to be in “integrity” when telling the truth stands in the way of love. They realized that learning to accept and helpfully use the contradictions and “messiness” of life – a part of having integrity – embodies wisdom. Drawing on all our ways of knowing, on heart as well as head, wisdom finds the truth that is openended and shines a light on the way forward. Wisdom takes us where we want to go, whether we know it or not.  

This month, as our annual stewardship campaign unfolds, as the equinox arrives, in the midst of Womens’ History Month, let’s get our wisdom on and see where it leads us.  

March Worship Associate: Jeff Stone

March 1 What is Given From the Heart –  Rev. Kevin Tarsa 

All month long we’ll notice that wisdom has one anchor in the heart and one anchor in the head. Better yet, we’ll realize that wisdom is rooted in our entire being. So too, our skillful and courageous giving of the gifts with which we are blessed Our annual Stewardship kick-off Sunday calls us to remember what this whole communal venture is about.  

March 8 Feminine Wisdom for Ourselves and Our Planet  UUCM Member Dr. Claire LeaveGail Johnson Vaughan, Worship Associate    NOTE: TIME CHANGE TODAY! 

For much of our history the health and well-being of our species and all with whom we share our planet has benefited from ancient wisdom based on the feminine principle where our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health was integrated with knowledge of our need for good nutrition, sleep activity, exercise, relationships, and purpose.   In more recent history other competing realities have nearly devastated our planet. 

This Sunday, our own Dr. Claire Leve will weave together her own life experience, song, and soul, as she invites us to restore our knowledge of feminine wisdom and to remember that everything done within the paradigm of devotion, respect, honor, awe, and love makes a difference for the better. 

Soup Lunch at 12:45

Spiritual Practices Sampler at 1:30: this month a singing circle with Claire Leve and Rev. Kevin 


In order to protect the health of our most vulnerable members and friends, we are moving to online services through at least the end of March.

Join us by Zoom this Sunday! UUCM Members and Friends will be sent a link.

        Others, please contact admin@uugrassvalley.org to receive a link.

You may join the service using your computer, your smart phone with the Zoom app downloaded, or simply by calling in from any phone to listen in. The invite you receive will have the info you need.

We encourage you to sign on 20-30 minutes early to make sure you are ready to go, and to receive assistance, if needed. Here’s a brief tutorial from Zoom.

ONLINE or PHONE-IN ONLY – March 15Two or Three Things I Know for Sure – Members and Friends of UUCM, with Rev. Kevin   9:30 and 11:30

Doug Larson wrote,Wisdom is the reward you get for a lifetime of listening when you’d have preferred to talk.” This Sunday, we ask those who have listened deeply to life, to do a little of the talking. Playing on Dorothy Allison’s title for her memoir, we‘ve asked a few folks to share one of the things they know for sure. Together, their sharing and our listening will embody the essential spiritual practice of our Unitarian Universalist faith tradition.  

ONLINE or PHONE-IN ONLY – March 22 Trust the Seeds – Lindsay Dunckel, Rev. Kevin and all – Full Community Service.  10:30 ONLY

Come, celebrate with heart, body and mind the arrival of spring and the wisdom curled within people of all ages. As UU musician and poet Elizabeth Alexander teaches, “There is joy in planting if you trust the seeds.” 

ONLINE or PHONE-IN ONLY  – March 29   The Most Sacred of Times: Life, the Universe and Everything – Rev. Kevin and UUCM’s newest members 10:30 ONLY

With the arrival of COVID-19 life, we’ll blend our original title and lens – “Life, the Universe and Everything” – with Rev. Lynn Ungar’s invitation to look at this time as “the most sacred of times.” In this final service in our theme of wisdom, we’ll ask what we are learning so far, and what wisdom we are gleaning about ourselves, our lives, and our congregation/community as we shelter in place and encounter ourselves.