The month of May invites us to notice and explore the thresholds in our lives. During these virus times some of those thresholds are becoming more and more clear

In our Stay-at-Home reality, our 10:30 am Sunday services – and most everything else – are held online via Zoom.

Children’s connection time takes place at 9:30 am, before the service. (Contact for more information)

You may join the service using your computer, your smart phone with the Zoom app downloaded, or simply by calling in from any phone to listen in.

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May – What does it mean to be a people of thresholds?

May Worship Associate: Chuck Champlin

May 3  Music for Heart and Soul   Jordan Thomas-Rose and UUCM musicians, with Rev. Kevin 

Jordan and our music makers will lead us into our theme of “thresholds” in this mostly-music service, reaching out together from their homes to speak to our hearts and our souls. They have been invited to listen to their own hearts in order to find the words and melodies that might serve people as we enter this new month in our new reality.  

 May 10  Our MotherShip   Rev. Kevin Tarsa 

This Mother’s Day Sunday, near the anniversary of the merging of the Universalist Church of America and the American Unitarian Association, we look to some of the mothers in our tradition for inspiration to cross the thresholds we face today.  

May 17  Flower Power   Rev. Kevin Tarsa

In 1923 in Prague, Czechoslovakia, Unitarian minister Norbert Capek began a ritual that eventually crossed the Atlantic to Unitarian and now Unitarian Universalist congregations across the nation. One Sunday each spring, members are invited to bring a flower or branch or twig to create beautiful, varied bouquets symbolizing the unique beauty and spirit that each person brings to shared community. 

We’ll celebrate community from our homes, and consider what radical hospitality looks like beneath the surface.

This stay-at-home year, we invite you to please send us a current photo of you and yours in one of your home environments, with or without flowers! Please send your photo to 

May 24  The Transcendental in Each of Us    Chuck Champlin 

On this Memorial Day weekend, the day before Ralph Waldo Emerson’s birthday, Worship Associate Chuck Champlin invites us to recognize the legacy we’ve inherited from our Transcendentalist ancestors, and the thresholds they invite us to cross.  

May 31  Tongues of Fire    Rev. Kevin Tarsa  (followed by UUCM’s annual Congregational Meeting)

As we move to the close of the congregation’s fiscal year, electing new leaders, affirming a new budget, and imagining our future, we’ll draw on the imagery of the “early harvest from the Jewish celebration of the Feast of Weeks, and the arrival of spirit celebrated in Pentecost, to consider our congregation’s thresholds in these times and the transformations they invite.