Sermons from 2019

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Expectation: I Am That I Am – September 9, 2019


Expectation: I Am That I Am Rev. Kevin Tarsa Unitarian Universalist Community of the Mountains A sermon delivered September 8, 2019   Of Beer and Balsamic This morning I’d like to talk to you about…[hold up bottle]…beer.  [open, take swig] Well, beer and…[hold up bottle]…balsamic vinegar. I don’t actually care for the taste of beer, […]

God? – August 25, 2019


“God?” – Sermon by Jeff Stone August 25, 2019 I have an acquaintance who, a couple of years ago, wrote and published a book about coming to terms with the end of life. She told me that when she has presented this book at public readings, it is not uncommon for one or two people […]

At the Edge of Hope – January 13, 2019


“At the Edge of Hope” –  sermon by Rev. Kevin Tarsa UU Community of the Mountains Grass Valley, CA January 13, 2019 INTRO You’ve been telling me, many of you, that hope is in short supply these days, a rare and precious commodity, what with the climate crisis and scientists’ dire warnings of immanent danger, […]