1. No later than September 1, 2015, the Social Justice Committee shall submit a Social Justice Work Plan for the period 9/1/15 – 5/1/17. In accordance with the views expressed by the congregation, the Work Plan shall specify economic justice and environmental justice as the two focus issues. Upon approval of the final plan by the Board of Trustees, the plan may be amended by a majority vote of the Social Justice Committee, so long as economic justice and environmental justice remain the two focus issues.
  1. Beginning in May 2017 and biannually thereafter, the congregation will vote and approve the Social Justice focus issues for the succeeding two years. Proposals are due to the Social Justice Committee by February 15.   The Committee shall make a recommendation concerning the Social Justice focus issues prior to the meeting.
  1.  To the maximum extent feasible, Pass the Plate proceeds shall be donated to the congregation’s partners as specified in the current Social Justice Work Plan.
  1.  The Minister will be encouraged to include justice as a worship topic at least once per quarter.
  1.  The Social Justice Committee shall coordinate with the Director of Religious Education. The Religious Education Committee, and the Worship Committee to explore ways that the Social Justice Work Plan can be integrated into the lifespan religious education curriculum.
  1.  All members and friends of UUCM are eligible to be members of the Social Justice Committee. Committee meetings shall be open to visitors and guests. The chair of the Social Justice Committee shall be appointed by the Board of Trustees.
  1. The Social Justice Committee may adopt rules and procedures for the Committee as long as the rules and procedures are consistent with this resolution.