Our attention is a significant force in our lives, a force which itself warrants our attention. The spiritual journey and our month of exploration ask us to notice and attend to what attracts our attention, where we direct our attention, and how we apply our attention. We’ll invite attention of the heart, of the spirit, and of the mind, and then, in our final service, we’ll draw the threads together. 

Join us for this month’s services, at 9:30 and 11:30 am each Sunday:

November 3   We Remember Them – Rev. Kevin, Linsday Dunckel and all 

We begin the month with our annual All-Souls rituals, remembering those who have died, calling our attention to the past and the people and influences that have shaped and guided us. In this all-ages, “full community” celebration, we’ll call upon word, ritual, image and song to invite us to meaningful, heart-centered memory.  

All are invited to bring photos or mementos of loved ones who have died
First Sunday: Please bring non-perishable food for people and for pets.

November 10   Of Attention and Burning Bushes    Rabbi David Azen, with Rev. Kevin  

Rabbi David Azen, rabbi of nearby congregation B’nai Harim and CEO of Fresher USA, joins us to explore our theme of attention. Connect with our neighbors and benefit from the wisdom of Jewish teachings and tradition, not to mention Rabbi David’s wonderful insight.

Soup/Salad Lunch at 12:45. 

November 17  The Power of Mind – Chuck Champlin

Turning our attention to the mind and the possible, we start by defining our problem — seeing what is.  In a guided meditation, we apply our attention to a search for imagined solutions while detaching from old models.  Finally, feeling the liberation available in this process, we open ourselves to new possibilities.   

November 24  Mindfulness (rather than Mind Fullness) – Rev. Kevin Tarsa 

Readying for the holiday weekend, and Integrating our November Sunday messages of heart, spirit and mind, we’ll speak to and invite an experience of mindfulness, “attention to our internal and external experiences of the present moment,” as Jon Kabat-Zinn puts it. 

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Join us Sunday mornings at 9:30 or 11:30 to consider the place of attention in your own life.