October brings the theme of belonging, which has both inside and outside dimensions, essential not only to our sense of community, but also to our sense of personal wholeness. As Brené Brown teaches, “true belonging only happens when we present our authentic, imperfect selves to the world.” If not here, in this community of wonderfully imperfect selves aspiring to love courageously, where shall we bring the fullness of who we are? 

Join us for this month’s services:

October 6  –  She, He, They…We!   Rev. Kevin Tarsa and Allison Rivers Samson 

Usually, the first thing we learn about a baby is “boy or girl?” As if there are only two choices. These days, our understanding of, and language about, gender is evolving, becoming more nuanced than “boy or girl.” Often, people make assumptions about the pronouns and forms of address used to refer to a person, based on appearance or name. It’s true, we can’t judge a book or the person in front of us by his/her/their cover. As we enter our month of “belonging,” let’s learn to welcome each other as fully as we can. 

First Sunday: Please bring non-perishable food for people and for pets.  

October 13 Belonging: Celebrating Indigenous Peoples’ Day  – Shelly Covert, spokesperson of the Nevada City Rancheria Nisenan Tribe, with Rev. Kevin 

In celebration of this year’s Indigenous Peoples’ Day, in this month examining belonging, we seek to honor the historic and current truths of indigenous peoples’ experience and resilience. We are grateful for the presence and insight of Shelly Covert, spokesperson of the Nevada City Rancheria Nisenan Tribe, who will share from her great heart, insight and knowledge. 

Soup/Salad Lunch at 12:45. 

October 22 – Join our Cause, Not our Club  – Rev. Kevin Tarsa

We continue to explore “belonging” through the lenses of identity, trust, shared purpose, and commitment in which community takes root. We’ll gather the waters from among us in our annual water ritual, welcome our newest UUCM members, and bless our visionary Board of Trustees. As Starhawk puts it, “Community means strength that joins our strength to do the work that needs to be done,” as well as “arms to hold us when we falter.”  Indeed. 

Please bring a small amount of water (¼ cup or less) from your home or a place that has meaning to you. We will gather that water in a shared ritual. 

October 29 – Belonging, from the Inside Out – Members and Friends, with Allison Rivers Samson, Worship Associate 

Brené Brown teaches that belonging is essential. That we must belong to something, to someone, to somewhere, and that true belonging begins with belonging to ourselves. Knowing what matters to us personally and moving from the inside out may guide us toward a more authentic sense of how we might choose to belong to each other. 

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