August 27, 2019

Definition of the Problem to be Addressed:
With lack of diversity in Nevada County, white residents are insulated from the meaning and effects of white privilege.

Statement of environmental assumptions (the current situation):

Over the last few years there have been racist acts of vandalism and harassment in Grass Valley, Nevada City, and Rollins Lake. Children of color have been verbally harassed while walking down the street.  Campers who are POC have been threatened. The UUCM “Black Lives Matter” banner was stolen twice and vandalized once.  Some of our members were confronted with angry comments from drive-bys because of our Black Lives Mastter banner.

Statement of Religious Assumptions (how this supports UUCM Mission, values, and UU Principles):

We are called to question what we have been taught about the history of white supremacy and to understand how race was created, how racism manifests itself in our lives as white people, and how we perpetuate it in our society.  We have an obligation to understand our own prejudices in order to create a world more compassionate and just where everyone can flourish.  Our Principles call us to acknowledge that everyone deserves dignity, respect, and compassion.

Statement of Action:

Reduce effects of white privilege and systemic racism while increasing justice, equity, and compassion.


  1. Increase awareness of white privilege among 75% of UUCM congregation.
  2. Increase awareness of white privilege among 1,000 Nevada County Residents.
  3. Form alliances with other community organizations to provide education to Nevada County residents.


Proposed Tactics:

Strategy 1:   Increase awareness of white privilege among 75% of UUCM congregation

Continue expanding Task Force members’ awareness of what it means to be white, the privileges it gives us, how white supremacy was created and is perpetuated in our environment.

Possibilities include:

  1. Robin DiAngelo’s ‘What it Means to be White’ and ‘White Fragility’
  2. Nell Irvin Painter’s ‘The History of White People’
  3. Ibram Kendi’s ‘Stamped from the Beginning’ (has study guide), and ‘How to be an Antiracist’
  4. Scene on Radio podcast series ‘Seeing White’ (has study guide)
  5. Shared articles and videos

Organize and conduct educational book groups and/or workshops for the congregation.

  1. Identify and train leaders who will create and facilitate study groups,
  2. Provide resources and guidance,
  3. Offer a variety of study topics, and
  4. Monitor study groups for active participation, what is working, and what might be needed. Encourage facilitators to share their experiences with each other in a supportive and learning environment.

Develop a list of expectations of the members of the CWP Task Force in order to engage and integrate new task force members.

  1. Read: “What it Means to be White” by Robin DiAngelo
  2. Attend and participate in Task Force Meetings
  3. Assume responsibility for at least one aspect of the CWP Strategic Plan.

Conduct role playing exercises during CWP meetings

  1. use questions on Keith’s list “When They Say, You Say….” (based on R. DiAngelo’s “What it Means to be White”)

Create a Sunday service theme around white privilege.

  1. You-tube video
  2. Role playing

Write articles for the e-Chalice Mountain Chalice each month promoting study groups and/or short info articles/excerpts from resources we are using.


Strategy 2:   Increase awareness of white privilege among 1,000 Nevada County Residents.

Invite community to UUCM study groups

  1. Have informational meeting that may include: showing DiAngelo’s YouTube video, talking about the CWP purpose in having study groups, providing our CWP Resource List, understanding the expectations of attendees, offering refreshments, and study group choices.

Feature a prominent guest speaker in a community forum,

Author articles (i.e. “Other Voices”) in The Union,

Create visibility through KMVR and KNCO interview shows and Community Events segments,

Encourage congregation’s participation in community-wide events, e.g., “Love Walk”, celebrations of, for, and by People of Color (POC), and other educational & racial justice events.


Strategy 3:   Form alliances with other community organizations to provide education to Nevada County residents.

Form an alliance with other racial justice groups in Nevada County and POC (Racial Healing/Justice Group)

  1. Nevada County Racial Literacy
  2. Creating Communities Beyond Bias
  3. Indivisible Women – Social Justice Task Force
  4. POC with interest and enthusiasm for this effort

Contact Sierra Foothills UU to see how they might want to be involved with the CWP Task Force.

Possibilities include:

  1. Sunday services
  2. Workshops
  3. Book studies

For a PDF of the CWP Strategic Plan click HERE.