Michael Hogue claims that the resilient democracy needed for our
future requires more than community, people linked by common
identities. It needs solidarity, people linked by common purpose. In this
Full Community service, we lift up our congregation’s mission and call
to shared purpose. We ritualize our solidarity in a Water Communion:
each person pouring water into a common container. That water may
come from your home or someplace meaningful where you have spent
time (feel free to bring some!) and we will also have water ready for you.
Where are we headed and how, as a community of faith, as a solidarity?

We’ll also celebrate our young people’s just-completed summer-long
journey through the epic of evolution, giving us a context for our own
place and time.

Service Leader:  Lindsay Dunckel, Rev. Kevin Tarsa, and others

Worship Associate: Gail Johnson Vaughan