We all need extra care sometimes on our journey through life.

The UUCM Caring Teams offer two different kinds of support at times of special need:

The Parish Care Team

The UUCM Parish Care Team organizes practical support for members and friend through brief times of need (home or hospital visits, transportation to an appointment, a ride to UUCM on Sunday, preparing and/or delivering a meal, essential errands, etc.), sends cards of caring and celebration, makes friendly, caring phone calls and visits, and assists with hosting and refreshments at memorial services.

As Unitarian Universalists we believe that we all share in the responsibility for one another’s care, and so invite all members and friends of UUCM to become actively involved in this wonderfully important opportunity for service.

We encourage you to please fill out this brief Parish Caring Team Volunteer Survey to identify the tasks you would be willing to do on occasion. The Parish Caring Team will contact you as need arises.

The UUCM Caring Team meets on the first Tuesday of the month at 4:00pm, on-site and via Zoom.

For more information, to request care, or to share word of someone in need of care, please contact caring@uugrassvalley.org, current chair, Gwen Eymann, or the UUCM Office administrator at admin@uugrassvalley.org  or 530-274-1675.

The Lay Pastoral Care Team

UUCM’s Lay Pastoral Care Team members journey with a person who is experiencing particularly stressful life challenges, providing a confidential, ongoing, caring presence, working on behalf of and with the supervision of the minister. This is a deep kind of accompanying.

Lay Pastoral Care Team members typically meet with a person weekly for up to an hour – in person, by phone, or by Zoom – and from several visits, to a few weeks or months, for up to a year.

For more information, to request care, or to share word of someone in need of care, please contact UUCM’s minister: minister@uugrassvalley.org or 530-274-1661, or UUCM’s Office administrator at admin@uugrassvalley.org or 530-274-167.