We all need extra care sometimes on our journey through life.  The UUCM Caring Team offers ongoing one-on-one contact with UUCM members and friends during times of special need – these can be major life transitions, isolation, loss and mourning, physical, emotional and other life challenges.  UUCM Caring Team members do not function as professionals but rather serve as safe friends who will keep confidences and offer support through our ups and downs.

UUCM believes that by virtue of being in a faith community together, we all share in some responsibility for one another’s care.  We invite all members and friends of UUCM to become actively involved in this important work.  With the direction and assistance of our Minister, the UUCM Caring Team members offer regular contact, a caring presence, empathy & emotional support, guidance to available resources and connection with the UUCM Caring Network.

The UUCM Caring Network connects members in need with others who are glad to lend helping hands.  Members and Friends of UUCM are invited to offer their services on call.  These services include home or hospital visits, transportation to an appointment, a ride to UUCM on Sunday, friendly visiting by phone, preparing and/or delivering a meal and essential errands for members & friends who are unable to leave home.

The UUCM Caring Team meets on the first Tuesday of the month at 4:00pm (via Zoom for now).  Please contact co-chairs Gwen Eymann and Tom Wernigg at Caring@uugrassvalley.org for more information.