The UUCM Ministry Council serves to coordinate the Ministry Teams and their work to fulfill UUCM’s Mission.

The Council is made up of Ministry Team leaders, paid staff (as available), the Minister, a Chair or Co-Chairs, and a Board representative. A Council Chair, recruited by the Minister, organizes, and conducts Council activities and meetings. Frequency, format, and attendees of meetings are determined by the Minister and Council.

Council responsibilities include:

• Assisting the Board in developing an Annual Vision of Ministry.

• Leading, supporting, and unifying the Ministry Teams to direct their efforts toward fulfilling the Mission and Annual Vision of Ministry goals.

• Managing the annual Ministry Team events calendar and coordinating with Board events.

• Working with the Finance Committee to develop annual Ministry Team budgets.

• Assisting the Minister with managing the overall budget for Ministry Team programs.

• Establishing Council covenant, policies, and procedures.

• Supporting and facilitating the Ministry Teams’ policies and procedures development.

• Ensuring that the Ministry Teams comply with the bylaws, Board policies, and applicable laws and regulations.