Justice Team

Live your values aloud, not alone!

UUCM’s active Justice Team supports UUCM’s learning and action toward a more just community and world. The Team is currently focusing on three justice initiatives through the work of task forces voted on by the congregation. While task forces are typically voted on in January, new task forces may arise during the year as need, passion, and support surface.

The Justice Team, in conversation with the minister, also prepares to mobilize the congregation in a Rapid Response whenever a call to support justice arises.

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Members act to cultivate justice in the world through a variety of avenues. They know that there are many issues deserving of our attention, and that by focusing on a few issues each year as primary, UUCM has greater opportunity to effect change.

The UUCM Justice team is led by Bob Miller and Keith Johnson.

Watch for action alerts and opportunities

Contact justice@uugrassvalley.org for more information.