Welcome! If you are new to UUCM, you may be wondering what to expect in a Sunday service.

As you might expect, Sunday services are held online via Zoom these days, at 10:30 a.m.

The Zoom link is sent out to Members and Friends and to those who request to be on the Sunday list (contact uucmOnline@uugrassvalley.org). The link is also available with each of the service descriptions on UUCM’s homepage.

For many new folks, this makes checking out a service a more comfortable experience, especially since home cameras are off until after the service ends.

You can get a taste in advance of the kinds of messages offered by checking out past sermons on UUCM’s YouTube Channel.

Starting at 10:00 a.m. on Sundays, you can see a series of announcements and quotes, accompanied by music. People gradually sign in, making sure their connection is working, with a “Welcome!” and support from the morning’s Chat Host.

At 10:30 Rev. Kevin or the worship leader says hello, and an opening song leads into our time together. We light a chalice (a symbol of our tradition), acknowledge the indigenous people who lived on this land long before us, and begin to focus on the particular theme or message of the day.

Although there is a lot of room for variety and experimentation, most services follow a fairly familiar pattern, with the singing of two or three songs, readings from many different sources, some time for spoken or silent meditation or prayer, “wisdom for all ages,” a chance to type current joys or sorrows into the chat, and a message or sermon.

Our goal is to explore and examine life through many different lenses over time, calling forth our compassion, courage, love, and commitment to justice.

We are all learning together how best to do that online and from our separate homes.

We look forward to your presence one of these Sunday morning.

And we look forward to returning gradually to in-person services when it is safe enough to do so.