Welcome to our monthly Singing Meditation

Join us for a time of gentle chanting and singing alternating with silence. Songs are taught as we go and all are welcome.

First Thursdays, 7:00-8:30 p.m.
Join us by Zoom or phone!

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Meeting ID: 975 5144 0914 #
Password: 012604

For more about the process and the experience, here’s our information for the usual in-person gatherings, to which we look forward to returning.


Singing Meditation is an interfaith spiritual practice in which sound and shared silence alternate in a deepening rhythm. Rather than a rehearsal for a performance, this is singing in the present moment for the purpose of facilitating transcendent connection – your connection with others in the circle, with your own inner core of guidance, with your heart and spirit, with G_d, the Divine, the Spirit of Life….

You are encouraged to participate fully in this practice in the ways that feel right to you, with the understandings that have integrity for you.

The Singing

Singing Meditation includes introductions and the lighting of a candle, and incorporates toning, chanting, singing in rounds and singing in harmony. The songs are drawn from a variety of traditions, both religious and secular, and participants often bring songs and ideas to the circle.

The facilitator or a participant introduces a song, and then the group sings the song many times. The circle members together ride the wave of the singing as needed, until eventually the group intuitively reaches a silence.

The Silence

The silent periods between songs last 1–4 minutes and may be used for prayer, contemplation, or meditation. Please hold the shared silence, knowing that the silence is a part of the song itself. The ringing of a bell or finger cymbals might mark the end of the silence, …or a new song might simply begin.

The Circle

The Singing Meditation Circle is open to all.
We will be glad for your presence, your voice, your heart, your spirit.

If you have any questions, please see the facilitator after the session, or contact Rev. Kevin Tarsa (minister@uugrassvalley.org or 530-274-1661)