Sunday, October 18 at 1:00 PM to Monday, October 19 at 5:00 PM

Head to the auction:

Feast your eyes and smack your lips as you peruse the catalog of delicious, decadent delectables. See instructions below (also on the auction home page) for how to bid on these homemade delights.

How will I get my Bake Sale items, you ask? No worries – your auction statement will include the contact information for the Baker whose item you won; the Baker’s statement will give them your information. Get in touch with each other to negotiate time and delivery of your items.

That’s it!! Bid often and have fun!

Thank you!

Questions? Text or call Lesley Champlin (805) 403-5340 or Susan Merrill (415) 505-1251.

Members and Pledging Friends –  check your email inbox for log-in information.



       Shopping at the UUCM Online Bake Sale: 

Go to

  1. Click ‘Login’ (upper right corner).
  2. Enter your phone number as your login, and the last four digits of that number as your password. Note: the phone number should be the one for you in the UUCM directory. (Nonmembers and guests may register on the log-in page.)
  3. Click on either ‘Catalog Grid’ or ‘Catalog List’ to view the items. In the Catalog Grid, click on the left side Categories to go directly to Breads, Cakes, Cookies, etc.
  4. To make a bid, click on ‘Place Bid’ – you can then enter either the minimum bid or a higher bid. If someone has already bid on that item, it will show the current bid you must beat. Note: there is also a ‘Hidden Max Price’ feature which allows you to enter the highest amount you will pay for that item. The system will continue to increment your bid against other bidders until it reaches that amount, or you are outbid.
  5. If you are outbid, you will receive an email to alert you with a link to return to the site and try again.
  6. After the close of the auction, you will be sent a link to your auction statement which will show the items you have won and the amount you need to pay.As soon as possible after the auction, send a check to UUCM for the amount you owe, and put “Bake Sale” in the memo line. You may also use your credit card at the UUCM Online Giving page, though checks are preferred.
The auction will be available online, without any auctioneer present, from Sunday, October 18 at 1:00 p.m. to Monday, October 19 at 5:00 p.m. At approximately 5:00 pm Monday, the auction site will be closed to further bidding.
When the bidding has ended, the baker and the winning bidder will be notified and provided contact information. The winner will be asked to submit payment either by check sent to UUCM or via credit card on the UUCM Online Giving link.
The baker will then contact the winner to arrange for timing and delivery of your item, within two weeks of the auction.