Sermons from 2014

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I Can Breathe


Sermon from Sunday, December 7, 2014 I wrote this sermon on Thursday. I started the day by walking down the hill to church. There was a brief lull in the rain, and I can always use the exercise. And while I was walking, I was very aware of how totally safe and secure I felt. […]

Looking at Things


Sermon from Sunday, November 16, 2014 Looking at Things Port Augusta is a dusty, dreary town at the top of Spencer’s Gulf, two hundred miles to the north of my home town of Adelaide, South Australia.  It markets itself as the gateway to the north. Gateway to a whole load of nothing would be nearer […]

Jesus and me


Sermon from Sunday, November 9, 2014 Who was Jesus?  What really do we know about him?  Strip away everything that has been claimed about him, all of it by people who never met him and all of it articles of faith rather than statements of fact, and what do we know for sure?  Nothing.  There […]

Spiritual Economy


For a while when I was in the UK, I belonged to an organisation called Modem, a clever acronym standing for Management and Organisational Development in Ministry. The purpose of this outfit was to bring the skills of management into closer harmony with the mission of ministry, and vice versa, to bring the spirit of […]

Faith and Belief


Sermon from Sunday September 14, 2014. I was at a dinner party a little while ago, in England, and I found myself sitting next to a woman I had not met before. So we went through the usual getting-to-know-you pleasantries – what’s your name, where do you live, what do you do. Now let me […]

Coming of Age Credos

by Olivia Throughout the process of the Coming of Age program, there’s been one question that comes up a lot. “Do you identify as a Unitarian Universalist?” For me at least, this is a difficult question, a question that leads to all sorts of other questions. What is Unitarian Universalism? What makes someone a Unitarian […]

Who We Are


Once upon a time, in Once Upon A Time Land, there was a tortoise who was very dependable.  He would always get where he set out to go.  It just took him longer than it took most people. One day, Rabbit saw Tortoise walking slowly down the road and said, “Tortoise, you are so slow, […]

The Crown of the House


All across the United States, families were sleeping in tent cities, in make shift cabins, not unlike the way millions continue to live in developing countries around the globe. I’ve had the chance a few times now to visit Nicaragua, where I stayed with families in concrete block Managua houses that had no glass in […]