Sermons from December 2015

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From Infant to Child


From Infant to Child              December 20. 2015 So, here we are, just five days before Christmas.  You are all ready to observe the holiday I’m sure, to make it the best yet.  You have done all of your Christmas shopping – right? – the tree is up and decorated with sparkly baubles, the lights are […]

The Third Principle


The Third Principle             December 13, 2015 “The thing about being a Unitarian Universalist that I like is that I can believe anything I want.”  I wonder how many times I have heard that, or a variant.  I wonder how many times, in explaining to an enquirer what Unitarian Universalism is, I have said something which […]

Good Religion/Bad Religion


Good Religion/Bad Religion              December 6, 2015 It’s 39 years ago that I finally decided I wanted to a Unitarian minister. It was something I had been toying with for several years, but I had always managed to find an excuse not to do it. But I spent 1976 doing what seems almost an obligatory rite […]