Sermons from 2015

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Business Not As Usual


Business not as usual                                          September 6, 2015 Some years ago, I read a wonderful book called Drinking the Rain. It was a memoir by the journalist and author Alix Kates Schulman about the summer she spent in a small, remote family cabin in rural Maine. She was fifty years old at the time, and […]

Life Before Death


A month or so ago I attended the UU Ministers’ Spring Retreat. The program theme for the retreat was death. We talked together in pairs and small groups contemplating the end of our own lives, reflecting on the losses we’ve experienced, and grieving the violence in our nation that disproportionately takes the lives of black […]

Mine, Yours, Ours, Theirs, God’s


Whose church is this, anyway? Whose would you say it is? One answer is, It’s mine. It belongs to me, the minister. If ever you are having a really slow afternoon, I mean, a really slow afternoon, you might be tempted to read a church history, and if you do you will discover that they […]

Too soon to tell


There was once an old farmer, a poor man who had worked his fields all his life, day in, day out, without ever making any money, never doing better than just scraping by. All he had to help him in his labours were his faithful old horse, and his son. One day, his horse, which […]

And the people said “Yes!”


Today marks the official launch of UUCM’s Generosity Campaign.  And what is that, do I hear you ask?  Well, it is two things.  It is the opportunity for you, and you, and you, for each and all of us, together to fund the dream of what we want this congregation to be.  Nobody else is […]