Sermons from June 2020

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The Evolution of Compassion – June 21, 2020

  Reflection I The Language of Compassion Allison Rivers Samson Unitarian Universalist Community of the Mountains A reflection delivered June 21, 2020 via Zoom When most folx consider compassion, the first thought is extending it to other people. However, there are often limits to whom we offer that compassion. For example, it can be […]

The Art of Compassion – June 14, 2020


Offering our loving kindness is easy when we like the person on the receiving end. And we can stretch, without too much effort, to encompass the stranger about whom we feel neutral. Now, the person whose behavior irks or angers us? Hmmm….   From the self-compassion we cultivated the previous week, we continue our journey along […]

Tongues of Fire – May 31, 2020


 Note: This service came the week after George Floyd was murdered in Minneapolis, the week the protests and riots began, and the week the number of COVID-19 deaths in the United States passed the 100,000 mark.  Rev Kevin’s opening at the beginning of the service included the following:  “This past week has stacked heartbreak upon […]