Sermons from August 2021

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This Old House – August 22, 2021 – Gail Johnson Vaughan

How can we make sense of the extreme divide over racial justice in our country? In this service our own Gail Johnson Vaughan gives us two keys to unlock the mystery and some suggestions for actions we can all take to remedy the fallout from the origins of our discontent.  Greeting Gail Johnson Vaughan  Song […]

Making Powerful Trouble – August 15, 2021 – Rev. Leela Sinha

Making Powerful Trouble A sermon delivered by Rev. Leela Sinha August 15, 2021 Chuck Champlin, Worship Associate Making Powerful Trouble: we’re accustomed to the idea that resistance has to come from below, from outside, from the Other.  But when we are the holders of power, how shall we resist then?  Rev. Leela Sinha is a […]

Right Speech – August 1, 2021 – Rev. Meg Barnhouse and Beth Karow

Right Speech (Gentle Words, Kindly Spoken) A sermon delivered by Rev. Meg Barnhouse August 1, 2021 Service led by Beth Karow, Worship Associate Actions may speak louder than words, but if we don’t tend to the words we speak and how we speak, them we can do great harm. This Sunday Rev. Meg Barnhouse, the […]