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What’s Wrong with God? – December 8, 2019


What’s Wrong with God? In my opening words I told you about bringing my dad to a UUCM service, and his amazement that we never mentioned God. During that service I had a deeply moving journey into the sacred.  He’d had a different experience. He did not make dispersions, he simply spoke his observation – […]

Resurrecting the Spirit

I Am Learning by Carmen Riley  I am learning the endless joys of sobriety The multiple ways in which to calm my fears and mend my broken spirit The multiple ways to call back my power. I learn trust Take refuge against the spiraling vortex of my past I am learning… Learning to spread my […]

Fathers’ Day Reflections


Father’s Day Reflections Gail Johnson Vaughan June 19, 2016 Happy Father’s Day.  My thoughts for today are organized as a letter to the father I admire the most, my son Brent. Dear Brent, Happy Father’s Day, my heart is touched by the lovely man you have become. When you were a child your beauty was […]