(an email group for Members and Friends)

Communicate with Other UUCM Members and Friends

UUCM Members and Friends are invited to join uucmConnect, a UUCM email group for connecting with one another through email. New members are added to the list automatically, unless opting out. Members and Friends may subscribe or unsubscribe at any time.

What is uucmConnect?

uucmConnect is an email-based forum for supportive connection, resource sharing, and community building.

To help us have the best experience possible, all who are participating must agree to abide by UUCM’s Covenant of Right Relations (below).

Joining uucmConnect:

  • To sign up, UUCM members and pledging friends, please contact UUCM’s administrator, Carol Fulkerson, at admin@uugrassvalley.org or 530-274-1675.
    • In signing up, members and friends are confirming that they have read and agree to abide by UUCM’s Covenant of Right Relations.
    • Users are signed up to receive “Every Email,” though users may instead choose one of the other delivery options by communicating their choice to the administrator.
  • Once set, you may change or cancel your subscription any time by contacting the office administrator: admin@uugrassvalley.org or 530-274-1675.

NOTE: If you have your own Google Account, you may log in through googlegroups.com and manage your own subscription at any time, including unsubscribing.

Delivery Options

The benefit of Google Groups, as opposed to typical email groups, is your ability to control how you read the group’s messages. New subscribers are automatically set to receive “Each Email” unless they communicate to the office administrator that they would prefer one of the other three options. You may change your deliver option at any time:

Each Email” means you’ll receive each and every message as it arrives, as a separate email in your personal inbox.

Digest(bundled in batches of 25) means you’ll receive a single email bundling 25 messages at a time when there is new activity.

Abridged(a daily summary) means you’ll receive one email each day, containing a summary of that day’s messages.

No Email” means that you will receive no emails. Instead, whenever you choose, you’ll log in via your own Google account to read all of the group’s discussions on the homepage. You will have no up-to-date interaction with messages, and so it will be your personal responsibility to check in regularly and read these messages online if you select this option. All the messages are saved in orderly discussions on the group page.

UUCM Covenant of Right Relations

This most recent Covenant was adopted by vote of the members, January 24, 2021.

In affirmation of our mission statement and to further its realization, we the members and friends of the Unitarian Universalist Community of the Mountains do covenant to be in community with each other.

Recognizing that different points of view are natural in human relations, and wishing to relate to others as harmoniously as possible, I will:

  • Treat others with kindness, empathy, and respect.
  • Communicate with patience, flexibility, and a willingness to negotiate in the spirit of cooperation.
  • Respect confidentiality.
  • Be aware of my own thoughts, feelings, and needs and, when possible, share them directly and honestly with those involved, without judgment or blame.
  • Invite, respect, and listen to all points of view, while setting aside assumptions or character judgments, and while making welcoming space for minority opinions.
  • Take responsibility for my own mental, emotional, and spiritual balance, asking for support when I need it.
  • Respect individual needs and acknowledge that the health, safety, and well-being of our community may take precedence over those needs. When individual needs cannot be met, I will seek compassionate understanding, restoration of harmony, reconciliation, and forgiveness.

A Tip/Request

You can help others by putting the main point or intention of the email right in the subject line so it need not be opened if there is no interest (for example: “need: trustworthy handyperson,” “offer: free fig cuttings,” “info: love march on Sat,” “suggestion: how to improve uucmConnect”).

uucmConnect Moderation

uucmConnect is moderated by both users and Designated Moderators, following specific guidelines.


  • Writers are expected to self-moderate before posting to ensure that their posts are civil, respectful, constructive, kind, and accurate; give others the benefit of the doubt; and follow our UUCM Covenant.
  • Readers are expected to kindly and constructively, ON uucmConnect, question posts that appear to them uncivil in tone, to contain innuendo, or to contain possible errors.
  • Writers and Readers may contact designated Moderators to discuss or to report a post.

Designated Moderators


Carol Fulkerson

Office hours: Monday – Friday 8:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.
Email: admin@uugrassvalley.org
Phone: 530-274-1675

Religious Education Leaders

Email: familyministry@uugrassvalley.org

Director of Music

Jordan Thomas-Rose

Email: music@uugrassvalley.org


Rev. Kevin Tarsa

Email: minister@uugrassvalley.org
Phone: 530-274-1661

Board of Trustees

President: Jim Perkins, president@uugrassvalley.org

Vice President: Pam Kisor, vicepresident@uugrassvalley.org

Treasurer: Bob Packard, treasurer@uugrassvalley.org

Secretary: Jo Waters, secretary@uugrassvalley.org

Member at large: Janet Dunstan, janetldunstan@gmail.com

Member at large: Gene Gilligan, geegill116@yahoo.com

Member at large: Reine Thibeault, rthibeault.uucm@yahoo.cor

Committee and Team Chairs

Caring Committee: Robin Hart, art@uugrassvalley.org

Building & Grounds Committee: Walter Holtan, b&g@uugrassvalley.org

Caring Committee: Gwen Eymann, caring@caring-committee

Endowment Committee: Phil Hart, endowment@uugrassvalley.org

Finance Committee: Gail Schulz, finance@caring-committee

Membership Committee: Dawn Bateman, membership@uugrassvalley.org

Nominating Committee: Karyn Packard, nominating@uugrassvalley.org

Justice Committee: Stu Matthews and Steve Temple, justice@uugrassvalley.org

Stewardship Committee: Maryann Currington, stewardship@uugrassvalley.org

Worship Committee: Gail Johnson Vaughan, worship@uugrassvalley.org

uucmConnect Moderators

Janet Bullock  janetbullock41@gmail.com

Taylor Carey  taylor.s.carey@gmail.com

  • A Moderator Team of 3 members will be rotated in staggered terms. (Currently Janet Bullock, Taylor Carey, and Rev. Kevin.)
  • Designated Moderators, in consultation with each other, and the minister as appropriate, will use both their good judgment and the same guidelines as users to respond to questionable or reported posts.
  • Moderators may remove from uucmConnect a user who repeatedly or egregiously violates the User Agreements.
    • Reinstatement after suspension may be accomplished as follows:
      • The length of suspension to be determined at time of suspension.
      • If the member wishes to be reinstated, they would submit a written request for reinstatement to the Moderator Team.
      • Moderator Team will respond to the member within one week.
      • After consultation with the minister and the Board of Trustees president, the Moderator Team and/or minister will meet with the suspended member to discuss their request. A decision may be made at that time, or within one week of that meeting. The Moderator Team will recommend action to the minister and BOT president.  If the member is to be reinstated, there needs to be basic agreement regarding uucmConnect usage, based on our “User Agreement”.
      • The member will be reinstated or suspension will be continued.
  • Designated Moderators will respond to reported posts on a timely basis, ideally within a day.
  • The Moderation Team reevaluates uucmConnect and its policies as needed.