Since at least 1998, UUCM has been involved in and at the forefront of community projects in Economic Justice. Members have held key posts in the Nevada County Interfaith Food Ministry. We were a key player from day one in building and maintaining our community Hospitality House serving the homeless. UUCM was the site of the very first intake center.

You have ranked Economic Justice as the highest need and most important issue for our involvement. “. . . we need to make sure that we are not leaving people behind in such poverty that they cannot succeed or even have the resources to participate in life other than survival.” There were comments about meeting basic human needs and more specifically: food insecurity, affordable housing, homelessness, earning less than a living wage, job training and poverty causing strife and conflict in the world.


Habitat for Humanity

Hospitality House

Interfaith Food Ministry

Restaurant Opportunities Centers

Unitarian Universalist Justice Ministry of California

Western Sierra YouthBuild

Action Items

Service Provide lunches for Habitat volunteers monthly. Prepare meals for Hospitality House guests on third and fifth Fridays. Distribute food, drive trucks and operate food drives for Interfaith Food Ministry. Operate overflow shelter at UUCM for Hospitality House.

Education Incorporate “Inequality for All”, “American Winter”, “Food Stamped” and others into Friday Films, with small group discussions after each session. Use an economic justice book for a ‘common read’. Host community forums with our partners. Read UUA Study Guide on escalating inequality. Sponsor a youth to attend a UU College of Social Justice field training project. Work with the worship team to hold one or two services per year on economic justice issues.

Advocacy Join the UUJM Economic Justice Action Team. Participate in the “Make It Fair” property tax reform campaign for 2015 and 2016. Actively participate in living wage campaigns. Partner with Restaurant Opportunities Centers for workers’ rights around wage issues, healthcare access and worker treatment.

Witness Public witness events will be coordinated with our partners on an on-going basis.

Organizing With no congregationally-based community organizing agency in our area, we will work with our partners and organize on specific issues as they arise.