find your people

Getting connected and finding a group of journey partners is important to feeling like you belong in a community.

Let us help you find an entry point.

Each person has their own way of getting involved with a congregation. Many start with Sunday services, but those who find a home here are those who find a small group experience that offers meaningful connection. Maybe for you that’s the book group or the choir, or the humanist group or joining in the work of a justice task force. Or maybe for you it’s a meditation circle, or helping to tidy up the yard, or a year-long Soul Matters Circle.

Our monthly UU 101 sessions and the deeper Starting Point series are a great place to start. They are designed not only to inform participants – newcomers and long-timers – about UUCM and Unitarian Universalism, they are designed to help people connect deeply to each other at the same time. Because that’s what being part of this community is about.

Check out the groups listed below, or start a new one! If you are not seeing a natural entry point, or even if you are, consider speaking with the Minister, Rev. Kevin Tarsa, so that you and he can talk about your journey, your interests, your talents and gifts, and your hopes for connecting, growing, and serving.  He will be pleased to hear from you. You may contact Rev. Kev at (530) 274-1661 or


There are many opportunities to volunteer at the UU Community of the Mountains. The best options draw happily on our gifts and help us grow at the same time. We are currently developing an online path for listing and learning about the various opportunities for service. Watch here for a growing list of opportunities soon. Meanwhile, if you have a particular skill or area of interest you’d like to offer, please be in touch with our office administrator at or 530-274-1675.

Join a Group

Adult Learning

Got a message in you? After a pandemic hiatus, and in preparation for the sabbatical renewal times next year, Rev. Kevin will once again facilitate a lay sermon-writing seminar for a circle of 6-8 people. Using The Shared Pulpit book and the rich and connective process developed by the Rev. Erika Hewitt, each person will […]

flowers on book

Book Group

The Book Group meets monthly to discuss books covering a very wide range of topics. Previous reads have included: Happier: Learn the Secrets to Daily Joy and Lasting Fulfillment by Tal Ben-Shohar Falling Upward: A Spirituality for the Two Halves of Life by Richard Rohr If You’re Lucky Your Heart Will Break: Field Notes on a […]

humanism word cloud

Humanism Discussion Group

The Humanism Discussion Group is a gathering for both those who identify as humanists and those who are interested in learning about this philosophy.  Discussions explore aspects of humanism, as well as various topics and their connections to this belief system, with a focus on how humanism relates to today’s world. Subjects for group discussion […]

candle in bowl of stones

Meditation Group

The UUCM Meditation Group is currently on hold. The Meditation Group meets weekly to practice any form of silent meditation. Although most of the people who gather sit on chairs, some bring mats and sit on the floor. Time is often marked in 3 segments: seated meditation, walking meditation (optional), and again seated meditation, followed by […]

uu men together

Men’s Group

The UUCM Men’s Group has weekly informal gatherings of warm and welcoming UU men. Topics include life experiences, world events, art, science, religion or the lack of it. It is a group that is thoroughly stimulating and interesting and seeks always to be nonjudgmental. We have no leaders and no agenda. All men are welcome. A Men’s Group […]

music ministry


Music is a fundamental part of UUCM life, helping us celebrate the mystery and wonder of existence and renewing our spirit. Our services have a varied program of traditional and contemporary music; you may hear a classical piano solo, a choral or vocal ensemble piece, meditative chanting, folk artists or a bluegrass band, as well as occasional guest musicians. […]

singing meditation

Singing Meditation Circle

Singing Meditation is an interfaith spiritual practice in which sound and shared silence alternate in a deepening rhythm. The singing is in the present moment for the purpose of facilitating transcendent connection – your connection with the others in the circle, with your own inner core of guidance, of your heart and spirit, your connection […]

hands holding candle

Soul Matters Circles

Are you looking for deeper connection with others and a space within which you can explore your deepest values and self?   Soul Matters Circles are small, facilitated groups of 5-8 people who meet once a month from September/October through June to connect to others and to one’s own deeper self, using the monthly theme […]

Spirituality Sharing Circle

Spirituality Sharing Circle

UUCM’s Spirituality Sharing Circle meets monthly and offers an opportunity to connect to others and to explore spirituality through the lens of topics chosen by those who gather. The circle was formed to offer a space in which one does not need to defend one’s spiritual interest, focus or ideas. The circle is gradually finding […]

walking group on trail

Walking Group

Did you know that regular walking can have many health benefits? It may lower your risk of high blood pressure, heart disease, and diabetes. It can strengthen your bones and muscles. It may help you maintain a healthy weight. It might help lift your mood. Join us and you can also make some new friends! […]

womens circle members

Women’s Circle

The Women’s Circle meets monthly for fellowship and friend making. Our gathering is diverse and often serendipitous and features an activity or often a themed potluck. We have no specific leader and no particular agenda, often deciding as a group on what activities we would like to do. We welcome ideas and suggestions. It’s always […]

woman writing in journal

Writers’ Group

The Writers’ Group meets twice monthly and is a supportive community of like-minded writers who come together to pursue the art and craft of writing. The members can help each other by offering advice, giving information, and even providing positive criticism to help enhance their writing skills. Whether novice or experienced, all are welcome. Please view the calendar for […]

Join a Committee or Ministry Team

altar with pink blossoms and red candles

Art & Aesthetics Team

The Art and Aesthetics Team was created to facilitate and improve the environment of UUCM to be visually and spiritually sustaining. The A&A Team is responsible for creating visual displays and artistic pieces around the church, including working with the Minister and Worship Associates on the visual elements of Sunday services, and collaborating with UUCM […]

Child and woman at computer screens

Audio-Visual Team

Worship services require many technical components to bring our message to the community, to the people in the room as well as those online.  From sound to video and everything in between, our Audio-Visual Team provides support for these needs. No experience, only an interest, in audio, video, editing, or computers are necessary to be […]

member working on grounds

Building & Grounds Team

The Building & Grounds Team manages our day-to-day facility needs and goals for improvements for our church’s physical environment. We then seek volunteers that are willing to help us meet those needs through work parties and project development. These are individuals who like doing projects, repairs, or working outside in gardens and yards. They are […]

hearts on strings

Caring Teams

The UUCM Caring Teams offer two different kinds of support at times of special need: parish care, meaning short term practical support (meals, rides, etc.) and pastoral care, meaning deep accompanying for longer periods of time. […]

committee planning

Committee on Shared Ministry

The purpose of the UUCM Committee on Shared Ministry (COSM) is to strengthen the quality of the shared and mutual ministry within the Community by assessing the various areas of ministry one by one and making helpful recommendations. The Committee on Shared Ministry is mandated by UUCM’s bylaws and is a committee of the Board. […]

candle altar by painting

Endowment Fund Committee

The UUCM Endowment Fund Committee manages and administers UUCM’s Endowment Fund, which was established to help sustain and grow our UUCM community and its programs over the long term. The Committee is also responsible for promoting the various ways that the congregation can contribute to the UUCM Endowment Fund. The Committee, in conjunction with its […]

young people in garden

Family Ministry Team

UUCM’s Family Ministry Team plans, organizes, and oversees UUCM events that serve children, youth, families, and multi-generational connections. Our mission is to hold an intentional space in which all people can grow, discern identity, explore values and beliefs, and learn to act with courageous compassion in the world. To learn more please visit here. For […]

committee members

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee manages the overall finances, investments and assets of UUCM by working closely with the Treasurer, the Board, and Stewardship Committee.  We develop the annual budget needed to fulfill the UUCM mission by collaborating with the Board, Staff and other Program Leaders. The committee is composed of the Chair, Treasurer, Assistant to the […]

social hour

Hospitality Team

Hospitality Team members help organize and serve refreshments after Sunday services, including setup, hosting, and cleanup. The goal is to provide a warm, relaxed, cheerful (and yummy!) atmosphere in which newcomers and members can connect and get to know one another. Are you willing to sign up to help on given Sundays? To bring some […]

justice team in front of church

Justice Team

Live your values aloud, not alone! UUCM’s active Justice Team supports learning and action toward a more just community and world. The Team oversees, supports, and helps focus UUCM’s justice initiatives, primarily through the work of UUCM’s task forces voted on by the congregation. The Justice Team is a thinking, planning and oversight group keeping […]

library books

Library Team

The Library Team are book lovers who care for our library with the following: Participating in a one-time deep spring cleaning of the Library. Joining in on an initial sorting through of what we’ve got, what’s come in, what to keep, and what to pass on, as we build a UU Library that serves our […]

membership team with banner

Membership Team

The UUCM Membership Team accompanies people along their entire membership journey, from first time newcomer to long-time member. If you love to help people feel at home and welcome, are drawn to help others find belonging and meaningful connection or want to help other know the value and joy of membership, this may be just […]

looking in trees

Ministry Council

The UUCM Ministry Council serves to coordinate the Ministry Teams and their work to fulfill UUCM’s Mission. The Council is made up of Ministry Team leaders, paid staff (as available), the Minister, a Chair or Co-Chairs, and a Board representative. A Council Chair, recruited by the Minister, organizes, and conducts Council activities and meetings. Frequency, […]

nominating committee

Nominating Committee

The UUCM Nominating Committee compiles a slate of qualified nominees for open positions on the UUCM Board of Trustees and the Nominating Committee itself for the coming church year which runs from July 1 through June 30. If an elected position is vacated before June 30 each year, UUCM Nominating Committee may be asked to […]

yuba at sundown art

Stewardship Team

The UUCM Stewardship Team is honored with the rewarding work done in tandem with the Minister, the Board and church leaders to: Nurture in the congregation a culture of abundance Design programs which focus on that culture of abundance and the development of the genuine spiritual roots of generosity Cultivate an attitude of gracious giving […]

lighting candle in front of tree

Worship Team

The Worship Team aims for shared ministry, alongside the minister, in planning and promoting worship services of quality and meaning. With the minister, the committee maintains and coordinates the schedule for all services and arranges for worship services when the minister is absent. Team members participate in choosing topics, speakers, and other service elements. They […]