UUCM Bylaws

To access UUCM’s current Bylaws, click: UUCM Bylaws As Amended January 21, 2024

Governance path graphic: Articles of Incorporation, to Bylaws, to Policies, to Procedures

The Unitarian Universalist Community of the Mountain’s legal existence begins in the Articles of Incorporation filed by UUCM’s founders on November 30, 1995. The Articles of Incorporation grant UUCM the authority to be a California corporation.

Bylaws, approved and amended over time by the congregation, implement the Articles of Incorporation, establishing  governing rules and authority. In other words, the Bylaws set the parameters and the scopes of authority for various individuals and bodies within the congregation, as well as the congregation itself.

All Board policies and procedures flow, then, from the Bylaws. When there is a question regarding what is allowable, who is responsible, or who has authority to take various kinds of action, the Bylaws are the go-to.

Ultimately, however, the Bylaws and everything that follows from them are meant to serve UUCM’s member-discerned Mission:

With courageous love and a sense of wonder,
we cultivate our spiritual, emotional, and intellectual strength
to create a world more compassionate, sustainable, and just