February is Love!

How appropriate is it that the theme for the month of February is Love! This is the month of Valentines Day of course, but it’s also a time of new beginnings of many things. In the world of UUCM, Rev Jan Onnie has joined us as our sabbatical leave minister, we have hired Aiden McCarthy to be our new Kids Connection teacher (mentored by Lindsay and myself), and one of our new members Cheryl Spaulding has decided to join our Family Ministry Team. […]

Profile of Jesse Wightman

“He is a good kid…”

These words from Jennifer, Jesse’s mother, are based on what a great kid Jesse is and not “motherly bias.”

Many remember the little boy running up and down the aisle in the UUCM sanctuary, racing with Norah Wiley close on his heels, indifferent to the solemnity of the service.


Mommy & Me Choir

The irresistible sound of children singing comes to the UU Community of the Mountains! Our goal is to have lots of fun leading up to performances at the Sunday, December 11th service, and again at 5pm on Christmas Eve.  Those interested should join in on for this first gathering where we will determine ongoing rehearsal […]

Parents’ Group Gathering

Calling all parents and others actively raising children. Join together with your peers in a gathering meant to feed your spirits as well as your stomachs. Come bring your questions, thoughts, desires and plans for the kind of support you need. We will be meeting in the sanctuary during the lunch hour of noon to […]

The Alter Show

Come take a field trip to see our beloved Altar Show at their new location of the ASIF Studio. We will gather on the Front Patio of UUCM at noon after service and either carpool or caravan over to 940 Idaho Maryland Road. If you would rather, you can meet us there. Admission is free.

Family Ministry | New School Year

For many people, September feels more like new years than does January 1. September is the start of a new school year, a new church year, and a renewal of rhythms and routines around home and family. The summer fun is over and it’s time for our young people to get back to work.

Should I Bring My Child For Religious Education?

You may be asking, is the program at this Fellowship right for our family? Is it worth the commitment of time? The answers depend on what you want for your children. If you wish your child to develop values of kindness, tolerance, generosity, responsibility, and caring, our religious education program and our community will help […]