Circle Suppers

Please join us in April & May for this rich opportunity for sharing food and conversation in a small group in a host’s home.

hands reaching for food in center of long table with superimposed text: "Circle Supper Guest Sign-Ups! open now!"

Circle Suppers are back in the Spring of 2024!
We have 14 hosts ready to welcome more than 80 guests!!

There are lunches, dinners, a tea party, and even an hors d’oeuvres-only gathering.

Questions? Contact Laurie Bell at

Here is a photo from the first Circle Supper of the season! Thanks to Bob & Claire for hosting a a meal of spring salads complete with salade niçoise.

"Circle Suppers Spring 2024"
flower garland above
green grass and white daffodils below
5: Mediterranean
potato, pepper, & chickpea stew
Saturday, April 20 @ 6:00pm
wheelchair accessible
20-30min from UUCM
13: American Food
Saturday, May 18 @ 6:00pm
wheelchair accessible
0-10min from UUCM
Key to accessibility symbols:
wheelchair icon = wheelchair accessible
person walking up stairs with handrail icon: = a few stairs
10min clock = 0-10min from UUCM
20min clock = 10-20min from UUCM
30min clock = 20-30min from UUCM

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