Bettina looks forward to introducing patients and the general community to Aging Backwards®!
Discover how to gently reawaken the power of your 650 muscles as well as your soft tissue,
increase mobility, improve flexibility and balance, build strong bones, and rebalance your entire
body. Essentrics® is a full-body workout designed to rebalance your joints and muscles while
relieving pain: The program is original in itself and draws on the flowing movements of Tai Chi
and yoga, which create health and balance; the strengthening theories behind ballet, which create
long, lean, flexible muscles; and the healing principles of physiotherapy, which create a pain-free
body and encourage mobility and agility. With a diverse music playlist accompanying each
routine, this equipment-free workout increases your cardiac fitness, and leaves you feeling
energized, youthful and healthy!

Ten years ago, Bettina discovered the long-running PBS exercise series Classical Stretch® on her
local PBS station. It has proven to work wonders for her: a scientifically-based program, it
rebalances and rejuvenates the entire body and mind, safely increases clients’ fitness levels, and
alleviates arthritic pain in joints. The Essentrics® technique was developed by Miranda Esmonde-
White, headquartered in Montreal, Quebec (Canada). The method is also popular in The
Netherlands (please see website:

Bettina, a light-skinned female-presenting person with short white hair wearing dark glasses, yellow tank top and grey shorts bends her arms over her head and leans her torso to the right with legs spread in warrier-type pose on a wooden deck

Bettina Lewis is a Level 2 Essentrics Aging Backwards® Instructor. She enjoys movement in nature as well as in daily life. In the past, Bettina has worked as a certified (legal) translator of Dutch and German, a Dutch interpreter, an editor of English, and a (P.E.) schoolteacher. Her Essentrics Aging Backwards® classes are suitable for all ages and fitness levels.

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This event is running from 1 May 2024 until 28 August 2024. It is next occurring on June 26, 2024 9:45 am

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