Are you into history and structure? And (vegan) soup? Join Keith Johnson and Rev. Kevin for either or both of two sessions.

     Session 1 on May 12 will explore the history of the current UUA Principles, including changes made over the decades, as well as proposed changes that were rejected.

     In Session 2 on May 26, we’ll look at how the proposed new language, values, and framing align with the current UUA articulation of our Principles and Sources.

Plus, of course, we’ll want to know what you think.

On-site at UUCM and on Zoom. (The soup cannot be Zoomed, we’re sorry to report.)

Click here to join via Zoom.

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This event is running from 12 May 2024 until 26 May 2024. It is next occurring on May 26, 2024 12:00 pm

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