Adult Choir

Enjoy a fun and gentle chance to connect, to make music together, to develop your voice, to singing in harmony, and to support the musical depth of Sunday services. […]

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UUCM’s String Ensemble is ready for more members. A core group of 6 has been playing together for several weeks, and are beginning to work on some Christmas music with potential for sharing with the congregation on Sunday, December 18th, and Christmas eve. If you play violin, viola or cello – please check us out.

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None of us is ever completely known by another person, and some aspects of our selves will remain a mystery, even to those who love us dearly. But the willingness to know each other meaningfully, and to be known meaningfully, is key to embodying Beloved Community together and to finding ourselves at home in the world. This Sunday, we settle into the mystery and we reach for a bit of the knowing, welcoming UUCM’s newest members in the process.
Rev. Kevin Tarsa, with Carol Nimick, Worship Associate […]

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UU 101 is an interactive, introductory session in which we’ll explore the history, principles, and sources of Unitarian Universalism and our congregation’s mission statement. There will be plenty of time for questions and discussion, because, after all, UU is a denomination where questioning is highly encouraged!

"No Mine" sign

UUCM’s Stop the Mine Task Force advocates, supports, and organizes UUCM’s informed opposition to the proposed Rise Gold Mine in Grass Valley. The Task Force meets regularly, adjusting as needs require. To learn more, please visit HERE. For more information, please contact

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Walk with us at Wolf Creek Trail. Meet at the Northstar Mine Parking Lot, 10884 Allison Ranch Rd, Grass Valley.

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The UUCM Parish Care Team and organizes practical support for members and friends through brief times of need, support like home or hospital visits, transportation to local appointments, a ride to UUCM on Sunday, preparing or delivering a meal, essential errands, etc. The Parish Care Team also sends cards of caring and celebration, makes friendly phone calls and visits, and assists with hosting and refreshments at memorial services. […]

forest path "Let's explore open questions for the path ahead" Zoom Dec 5 @ 6:30pm In-Person Dec 12 @ 12:15pm

Let’s explore open questions for The Path Ahead…
Who do we want to be for each other?
Who do we want to be for the wider community?

The UUCM Men’s Group has informal gatherings of warm and welcoming UU men. Topics include life experiences, world events, art, science, religion or the lack of it. It is a group that is thoroughly stimulating and interesting and seeks always to be nonjudgmental. We have no leaders and no agenda. All men are welcome. […]