Share the Plate

Each month UUCM dedicates 25% of the undesignated offerings collected in the Sunday services to a local organization doing good in our wider community, organizations whose work matches our Unitarian Universalist values. The Justice Team determines which organizations to support each year.

Recent Share the Plate recipients have included:

handing large check to KARE Crisis Nursery

Note: UUCM currently supports the California Heritage: Indigenous Research Project, and so the Nisenan, through an annual budgeted contribution of $1200.00 to CHIRP’s Ancestral Homelands Reciprocity Program (AHRP). Participation in the Reciprocity Program acknowledges the sovereignty of the Nevada City Rancheria Nisenan and their historic relationship with this land, their ancestral homelands. It also acknowledges and responds to, in a very small way, the fact that our UUCM building is located on historic Nisenan homelands, lands taken at the expense of the Nisenan and from which we now benefit.