Return Again: Water, Community, Spirit, You
September 12, 2021
Unitarian Universalist Community of the Mountains, Grass Valley, CA

with Rev. Kevin Tarsa
Cheryl Morris and Gail Johnson Vaughan, Worship Associates

This Sunday we launch into the September theme of “embracing possibility.” While the need to alter our face-to-face plans might seem counter to such a theme, Rev. Kevin had already planned to invite us into the first part of the three-part process unfolding over this month’s remaining services – the spiritual process of finding what’s lost, what remains, and what’s possible. In that necessary order.

We use water differently in the service than originally planned, and are saving our communal water ceremony for an upcoming Sunday when we can indeed meet in the same place together and embody regathering.

Greeting    Rev. Kevin Tarsa 

Song for Gathering  Come, Come, Whoever You Are #188 by Lynn Unger, arr. by Rev. Kevin Tarsa      Jordan Thomas-Rose 

Welcome    Cheryl Morris, Worship Associate 

Lighting of the Chalice by Gail Johnson Vaughan    read by Lindsay Dunckel 

Land Acknowledgement   read by Siobhan Boylan 

Opening Words Thirsty by Gregory Pelley and We Gather as Many Drops by Leslie Takahashi    read by Randy McKean 

Wisdom for All Ages  The Overflowing Teacup…and other stories     Rev. Kevin Tarsa, Lindsay Dunckel and Randy McKean 

Joys & Sorrows
If you wish, you may type into the chat a joy, a sorrow, a care or concern that you carry in your heart this morning. 

Sermon/Reflection Return Again   Rev. Kevin Tarsa 

Water Ceremony
with There is a Healing by Rev. Kevin TarsaRev. Kevin, Janet Bullock, Kate Canan, and Jordan Thomas-Rose

Offering    Cheryl Morris 

25% of our offering this month will support Color Me Human, whose mission is to “Celebrate, Elevate, Educate, Advocate to create a safe, equitable world for Black, Indigenous, People of Color and LGBTQ folks.” 

Since we are not passing a plate in person, giving in other ways is vital to our ability to sustain the work of our community. Thank you for your generosity. See the insert for ways to give by text, PayPal, UUCM’s website or by mail. 


Dedication    Cheryl Morris 

Thank you 

Closing Song Life Calls Us On by Jason Shelton     Jordan Thomas-Rose  

Closing Words   

Community Benediction / Extinguishing of the Chalice  
                   Carry the flame of peace and love until we meet again.  

Music for Going Forth