How can we make sense of the extreme divide over racial justice in our country? In this service our own Gail Johnson Vaughan gives us two keys to unlock the mystery and some suggestions for actions we can all take to remedy the fallout from the origins of our discontent. 

Greeting Gail Johnson Vaughan 

Song for Gathering I’m On My Way #116 Traditional African American Spiritual 

Welcome Allison Rivers Samson 

Lighting of the Chalice  Nurture This Precious Light by Naomi King, read by George Dunstan, Janet Dunstan and Gwen Eymann 

Land Acknowledgement read by Lisa Haden 

Opening Words  by Isabel Wilkerson read by Allison Rivers Samson 

Wisdom for All Ages Desmond Gets Free by Matt Meyer, illustrated by Khim Fam, read by Tracy Pepper 

Joys & Sorrows     Beth Karow 

If you wish, you may type into the chat a joy, a sorrow, a care or concern that you carry in your heart this morning. 

Prayer & Meditation    Gail   Meditation on Strange Fruit, written by Able Meeropol   sung by Billie Holiday    

Song When I am Frightened #1012 by Shelley Jackson Denham

Reading   by Oprah Winfrey in What Happened to You  read by Gwen Eymann 

Sermon  This Old House  Gail Johnson Vaughan 

Offering   Allison Rivers Samson 

25% of our offering this month will support Community Beyond Violence: whose mission is to offer resources for building healthy relationships and to work with community partners to provide services for healing the effects of interpersonal violence. 

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Thank you  Gail Johnson Vaughan 

Closing Song Answering the Call of Love #1014 by Jason Shelton 

Closing Words   

Community Benediction / Extinguishing of the Chalice                  
          Carry the flame of peace and love until we meet again.  

Music for Going Forth