There is often a significant gap between what we expect or wish for, and what actually exists. And, wow, the past two years have given us abundant opportunity to experience that! Wisdom traditions guide us away from using all our energy to lament and rail against the gap, and toward finding greater peacefulness by learning to be gently present to what is. After the journey of discovering what’s lost, we realize that not all is lost, ever, and we gain ability to see what remains. Let’s mind the gap mindfully. 

Greeting  Rev. Kevin Tarsa 

Song for Gathering  Morning Has Come #1000 by Jason Shelton     Jordan Thomas-Rose

Welcome Gail Johnson Vaughan, Worship Associate

Lighting of the Chalice Building the Possible by Rev. Scott Tayler, inspired by and with use of the words of John Schaar   read by Christy Barden

Land Acknowledgement  read by Scottie Hart

Opening Words Let Astonishment be Possible by Rev. Gretchen Haley   read by Cheryl Morris

Wisdom for All Ages  Maybe Yes, Maybe No told by Lea Morris, with Whatever Comes Next by Lea Morris

Joys & Sorrows 

Prayer & Meditation  

Song  There is a Balm, a Black spiritual from the period of slavery, and I Know This Rose by Mary E. Grigolia 

Reading by Arundhati Roy  read by  Shanti Emerson 

Sermon Whatever Comes Next   Rev. Kevin Tarsa 

Offering Gail Johnson Vaughan

25% of our offering this month will support Color Me Human, whose mission is to “Celebrate, Elevate, Educate, Advocate to create a safe, equitable world for Black, Indigenous, People of Color and LGBTQ folks.” 

Since we are not passing a plate in person, giving in other ways is vital to our ability to sustain the work of our community. Thank you for your generosity. See the insert for ways to give by text, PayPal, UUCM’s website or by mail. 

Offertory Jordan Thomas-Rose 

Dedication Gail Johnson Vaughan

Thank you 

Closing Song  I Know I Can #1015, words by Dennis Hamilton, music by Jeannie Gagné

Closing Words  by Margaret Fuller    Rev. Kevin Tarsa 

Community Benediction / Extinguishing of the Chalice  
     Carry the flame of peace and love until we meet again.  

Music for Going Forth