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Principled and Purposeful: What Does it Mean to be UU in These Times – Sunday, July 3 – 10:30 AM

The last few years have not been easy, including in our local congregations. Whole swaths of members have simply stopped coming; COVID is confusing,
and polarizing; many ministers have joined the great resignation; and Pew studies and friends alike have pronounced the end of the local church.

In this moment, when so many of us might be wondering if
we should just give up, and relent, now’s the time instead
to double down on our commitment to the local church –
this unique community that saves us and also breaks our
hearts – often much more of the latter than we’d like to
admit. In the midst of our culture of death, the church is
a place of life. Or it is, as long as we are willing to bring
our own lives to it. Join us for a morning of celebration,
witness, and future-visioning for the already and not yet
power of the local Unitarian Universalist church.

Principled and Purposeful! What does it mean to be UU in these times? – July 3, 2022 – Rev. Kevin Tarsa

We launch our summer theme – asking what our Unitarian Universalist Principles ask of us – by asking what it means to be Unitarian Universalist in these times. And how and why does being UU matter? Freshly informed by the gatherings of UU Ministers and UU members from across the country just one week earlier, we’ll look ahead with principles and with purpose for the spiritual center of this tradition.

Happy Juneteenth!

Today is the federal holiday honor Juneteenth, inviting us to bring our hearts and our minds to celebrate resilience as well as to bring our love and commitment to address the ongoing legacy of slavery. Not sure what Juneteenth is about? To start you exploration, here’s the beginning of a piece from the National Museum […]

UU 101 (Entry Point) – Thursday, June 9, 6:00-8:00 PM

There’s nothing like connecting to real, live people to gain a sense of a community. Sign up HERE for the next UU 101 session with Rev. Kevin, other newer folks, and current UUCM members. Expect meaningful and fun conversation as well as information. In this interactive, introductory session we’ll explore the history, principles, and sources […]

Jim Bair Show at UUCM Focuses on Nature

While Jim’s career included extensive international travel, wonderful opportunities for nature photography have been in the Western US. This show focuses on scenes from Wyoming, Utah, Arizona, and California. Each photo is edited to emphasize the drama of weather and light. The challenge is to share the sense of being there through a two-dimensional, “still” […]

Nurturing Beauty

May’s theme is Nurturing Beauty. With that in mind, the Art & Aesthetics team, in conjunction with the Worship team, are planning a special service celebrating art in many forms on Sunday, May 15th. The congregation is invited to send in photos of their personal art for a slide show to be shown at the […]