RSVP for events – Saturday, September 24th

Join in on Saturday, September 24th for two big events at UUCM. In an effort to help us plan, please complete the RSVP form below for both events.

1PM Facilities and Exploration Workshop: is sponsoring a facilitated workshop to bring you up to date on the options (move, remodel or do nothing), what we have learned about our church home, its potential and problems, and to engage you in how we can match our facilities to our mission, vision and programs. This will be a jumping off point to further exploration of how we can best meet our needs over the next 25 years, starting from where we are right now!

4:30PM Bon Voyage Celebration for Rev. Kevin: following the workshop we hope all are able to join in as we wish a joyful Bon Voyage to Rev. Kevin as he gets ready to start his 6 week fall renewal leave on October 3rd. Join in for Dinner and Desserts!


Please let us know if you'll be attending the Facilitations Workshop and Bon Voyage party for Rev. Kevin on Saturday, September 24 at UUCM church.
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Facilities Exploration Workshop at 1pm

In an effort to plan, please let us know if you'll be attending the Facilities Exploration Workshop, and if in-person or on zoom.
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Bon Voyage Celebration at 4:30pm

Please let us know if you will be joining in for the Bon Voyage Celebration, and how many adults and children will be attending in your party.
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