Animal Housed: Tuning into Head, Heart, and Gut

Animal Housed: Tuning into Head, Heart, and Gut
Unitarian Universalist Community of the Mountains
November 19, 2023
Rev. Kevin Tarsa
Gail Johnson Vaughan, Worship Associate

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We each take in the world, process what we’ve experienced, and make decisions through a combination of instinct, feeling, and thinking, though most of us over-rely on one of those three. The rub is that the one we rely on most is also where we are stuck and least free. And that means there is hope.  

Song for Gathering Easter Alleluia by Kevin Tarsa, based on Pachebel’s Canon in D 

Greeting and Land Acknowledgement  Rev. Kevin Tarsa 

Lighting of the Chalice Thinking, Feeling, Doing by Rev. Kevin Tarsa read by David MacLeod, Bob Miller, and Renée Weilmann

Singing the Children on Their Way  

Wisdom for All Ages The 4-H Pledge by Rev. Kevin Tarsa

Welcome  Gail Johnson Vaughan, Worship Associate 

Reading  The Anatomy of Peace by John Roedel read by Beth Karow 

In Our Bellies – Intuiting Types (8-9-1)

Reflection  W.W.Y.L.I.D. (What Would Your Lower Intestine Do?) Rev. Kevin

In Our Hearts – Feeling Types (2-3-4)

Song  When Our Heart is in a Holy Place #1008  by Joyce Poley

Reflection  In a Holy Place  Rev. Kevin

Joys & Sorrows 

Song  Comfort Me #1002 by Mimi Bernstein-Doble with Kate Canan and Randy McKean

In Our Heads – Thinking Types (5-6-7)

Reading  Monkey Mind by Beth Karow

Reflection  Rev. Kevin

Integrating Heart/Mind/Body

Reflection  All for One, and One for All  Rev. Kevin

Offering  Gail Johnson Vaughan, Worship Associate

Thank you & Announcements

Closing Song  Woyaya #1020  by L.A. Amoa, S. Amarfio, R.M. Bailey, R. Bedeau, F.T. Osei, W.K. Richardson, and M. Tontoh 

Closing Words

Community Benediction / Extinguishing of the Chalice  
                Carry the flame of peace and love until we meet again.   

Music for Going Forth