Courage or Comfort? – October 2, 2022 – Rev. Kevin Tarsa

Courage or Comfort?
Unitarian Universalist Community of the Mountains
October 2, 2022
Rev. Kevin Tarsa
with Cheryl Morris and Beth Karow, Worship Associates 

As we launch our theme of “Courage” and launch into the first segment of our Sabbatical/Renewal, we’ll bless the journey ahead and draw on Brené Brown’s insight shared by Allison in a recent service: “You can choose courage or you can choose comfort. You cannot have both.” Hmmm……..

Music For Gathering Playin’ the Blues, David Samson, guitar; Steve Wiley, drums; Rev. Kevin, piano; and company 

Greeting Rev. Kevin Tarsa 

Land Acknowledgement read by Stu Matthews 

Welcome Beth Karow, Worship Associate  

Song for Gathering There’s a River Flowin’ in My Soul #1007 by Faya Ora Rose Touré 

Opening Words There Is a Quiet Courage by Rev. Gretchen Haley, read by Carol Richey 

Lighting of the Chalice by Cheryl Morris, read by Pam Kisor 

Wisdom for All Ages The Way Out of Fear, a Buddhist Jataka Tale, as told by Pema Chödrön, read by Beth Karow, Olivia Samson, Norah Wiley, Mags Matthews, and Allison Rivers Samson

Singing our Children on their Way 

Joys & Sorrows 

Music Gabrielle Lawson, piano 

Prayer & Meditation Grace by Lynn Ungar

Song There is a Balm in Gilead, an African American Spiritual with I Know This Rose Will Open #396 by Mary E. Grigolia, with Gabrielle Lawson, piano and Delaney Sherr, violin 

Reading It Takes Tremendous Courage by Cornel West, read by Taylor Carey 

Sermon Courage or Comfort? Rev. Kevin Tarsa 

Offering Beth Karow, with Bruce Reinhardt, President of Wildlife Rehabilitation and Rescue 

Offertory Gabrielle Lawson, piano  

Dedication Beth Karow 

Thank you Rev. Kevin Tarsa 

A Mutual Blessing as our Sabbatical-Renewal Begins 

Closing Song Woyaya #1020 by Amoa, Amarfio, Bailey, Bedeau, Osei, Richardson and Tontoh 

Closing Words Only One Thing Required of Us by Kendyl R. Gibbons, read by Rev. Kevin Tarsa and Beth Karow 

Community Benediction / Extinguishing of the Chalice