Mayday! Mayday! – May 1, 2022 – Beth Karow

Mayday! Mayday!
Unitarian Universalist Community of the Mountains
May 1, 2022
Beth Karow, with Cheryl Morris, Worship Associate

One of our unique UU rituals is the Flower Ceremony, created almost 100 years ago in Czechoslovakia. This week, as we enter our new theme of Nurturing Beauty, we celebrate Beltane and May Day with a special flower ceremony. Come, let’s help each other find beauty. 

Greeting Beth Karow, Worship Associate 

Land Acknowledgement read by Wally Holtan 

Welcome Beth Karow 

Lighting of the Chalice Nurturing Beauty by Rev. Suzelle Lynch, read by Beth Rose 

Flower Ceremony, Part 1 with There is More Love Somewhere #95  

Opening Words Flower Communion by Lynn Ungar, read by Gwen Eymann  

Wisdom for All Ages Beth Karow 

Offering Cheryl Morris, Worship Associate 

25% of our offering this month will support: Child Advocates of Nevada County, whose mission is to help Nevada County’s children grow up safe, secure, and ready for the future. Child Advocates of Nevada County provides emotional and practical support to help children overcome trauma and isolation caused by abuse and neglect so that they can rise to their potential. 

Your giving is vital to our ability to sustain the work of our community. Thank you for your generosity. See the insert for ways to give by text, PayPal, UUCM’s website or by mail. 

Offertory Jordan Thomas-Rose 

Dedication Cheryl Morris 

Joys & Sorrows Beth Karow, with words by Amy Zucker Morgenstern 

Song Comfort Me #1002 

Flower Ceremony, Part 2 

Closing Song I Know I Can #1015, words by Dennis Hamilton, music by Jeannie Gagné

Thank you  

Closing Words Where There is Beauty by Rev. Karen G. Johnston, read by Cheryl Morris 

Community Benediction / Extinguishing of the Chalice  

                   Carry the flame of peace and love until we meet again.