Remembering Our Ancestors – October 30, 2022 – Beth Karow

Remembering Our Ancestors
Unitarian Universalist Community of the Mountains
October 30, 2022
Beth Karow
with Cheryl Morris, Worship Associate

Some have believed that the veil between the worlds of living and dying are thinnest at this special time of year, making communication with our ancestors easier. But what if what we need to say takes courage? In our annual remembrance service, we will draw inspiration from the wisdom of our Mexican and Pacific Island neighbors, recognizing that it is never too late to invest in our relationships with those who matter to us.

Music for Gathering Appalachian Round (Take me Back, Oh Hills I Love), words by George Furse, sung by Claire Leve 

Welcoming the Ancestors  

Welcome Beth Karow, Worship Associate 

Lighting of the Chalice

Wisdom for All Ages Preparing a Spirit Path, with Beth Karow 

Singing the Children on Their Way  

Joys & Sorrows 

Music Toby Thomas-Rose 

Prayer & Meditation Beth Karow 

Song Sending You Light by Melanie DeMore 

Ritual Ho’oponopono 

Reading A Litany of Wholeheartedness by Dawn Skjei Cooley 

Offering Cheryl Morris, Worship Associate 

Offertory Toby Thomas-Rose, piano 

Dedication Cheryl Morris, Worship Associate 

Thank you 

Closing Song We are Ancient, We are Now by Copperwoman 

Closing Words opening the circle, releasing the directions, Beth Karow 

Community Benediction / Extinguishing of the Chalice