Some Assembly Required – January 22, 2023

Some Assembly Required
Unitarian Universalist Community of the Mountains
January 22, 2023
Lindsay Dunckel

with Randy McKean

Being a human is hard work. Naturally social creatures, most of us struggle at times with feeling as if we don’t belong, as if we are different, as if we are apart from some greater whole. What if finding our center is the key to connecting with others?

Land Acknowledgement Randy McKean 

Greeting One Another 

Song for Gathering #1008 When Our Heart Is in a Holy Place  

Welcome Lindsay Dunckel  

Lighting of the Chalice Steadied By Each Other by Rev. Scott Tayler, read by George Dunstan 

Lighting of Your Home Chalice 

Passing of the Light In touch with Those Unique Lights of Our Own Being by Rev. Jone Johnson Lewis, read by Randy McKean 

Meditation Finding Your Center by Rev. Jone Johnson Lewis, read by Lindsay Dunckel 

Song #1008 When Our Heart Is in a Holy Place 

Wisdom for All Ages 

Finding Connections 

Sharing Joys and Sorrows in Small Groups 

Song #391 Voice Still and Small 

Offering Lindsay Dunckel 


Dedication Lindsay Dunckel 

Thank you 


Closing Song #1023 Building Bridges 

Closing Words by Rev. Scott Tayler, read by Lindsay Dunckel & Randy McKean 

Community Benediction / Extinguishing of the Chalice